Most people who read Truth Triumphant: The Church in the Wilderness find the contents an eye-opening revelation. Most of the history found within its 424 pages is unknown to most – even those who have been raised as Sabbath-keepers. Dr. B.G. Wilkinson, a scholar fluent in six languages, traveled to many of the world's most prestigious libraries to research the little-known history of the Church in the Wilderness. Using extensive sources, both original and secondary (which are well documented in footnotes and bibliography), Dr. Wilkinson gives solid scholarship to tracing the history of Sabbath-keepers from the Apostles to 1798. First published in 1944 by Pacific Press, Truth Triumphant is now republished by Teach Services, Inc. Route 1, Box 182, Brushton, NY 12916. The numbering for the references that follow come from their 1994 edition.

The scholarly style in which Dr. Wilkinson presented his material would perhaps be daunting to the youth. For that reason we felt impressed to simplify the material so that our young people can learn the fascinating, yet little-known history that Dr. Wilkinson researched. We have added some additional materials that update some of the themes and hope that you are able to locate some of the references that will give more information on a specific topic. We pray that these pages will be a blessing to you as you follow the stories of God's heroes of the cross. Staff



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